Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 8th March

This week we’re pleased to have been able to get our mitts on a heap of produce from Grown for Taste – and that’s definitely a good thing! As intimated in the little spoiler on social media yesterday, fruit supplements include a rockmelon from George & Hilary, which amounts to over 90 melons in total (true!). These are a delicious variety that retains a little crunch even when it’s ripe, and would certainly go nicely in a fruit salad with the blueberries that are also in the fruit supplement (and may possibly be the last blueberries for the season L ).

$40 and $25 boxes also include a rather cute GFT butternut pumpkin – deliberately grown to be small, these are also light on in the seed cavity department too. In addition to another haul of mixed varieties of lettuce from GFT, we’ve also sourced some home-grown hazelnuts through them from their neighbour, who’s fallen on some hard times; Hilary was glad that we could take them so she could send a little money their way.

$40 boxes include a handful of baby corn from Elphin Grove, perfect for a stir-fry – we’re hoping to be able to get quite a bit more of these this season, and they featured prominently on the menu at the recent tourism awards hosted in Launceston. Old School Farm have supplied a mix of cabbages this week, and we’re also pleased to welcome back Scott Hansen’s pears for the first time this season.