Backyard Bounty Vegie Box Terms and Conditions

Our commitment to you:

  • Our core promise to you is that all items included in your box will come from Tasmanian growers. We make choices on what goes in your box based upon quality, freshness, value, seasonality and local availability, and variety.
  • We will publish a list on our page each week listing the items included in the box and detailing their provenance. (Sometimes other items of equivalent value will need to be substituted in. Weights are indicative only.)
  • All produce is fresh at the time of packing. However, not all types of produce have the same shelf-life, or need the same storage conditions. All berries and sprouts should be refrigerated immediately, and potatoes and onions should be stored in a dark, cool and dry place. Some types of fresh herb, including coriander, can have their shelf-life dramatically increased by wrapping in a damp towel or cloth and storing in the fridge, or storing in an airtight cliplock bag. If you are not home for delivery, we recommend leaving out an esky for the driver to unpack your produce into, especially during the warmer months of the year.
  • You may nominate exclusions, i.e. items you do not wish to have included in your box; that item will be replaced by an item of equivalent value of our choosing if it is to be included in a week’s box. Please note that large numbers of exclusions may reduce the interest and variety of your boxes, and also may require items to be doubled within your box.
  • If you wish to know in advance what items will be included in a week’s box for meal planning purposes, we operate a separate mailing list which will give you this information; if you opt to be on this “spoiler list” please note you will receive this each week regardless of whether you are to receive a box that week. We reserve the right to change the contents of the box if required, as availability and quality of produce can at times be unpredictable and variable.
  • We share meal ideas on our social media pages, and encourage vegie box customers to share their own photos and recipes this way too. We aim to include less familiar items in recipes to assist those who may not be familiar or confident with cooking that item.
  • We want our vegie box customers to enjoy the experience, and to look forward to an exciting box of delicious surprises each week. We appreciate and will consider all feedback; however, individual requests may not be possible to accommodate. Feel free to email us with suggestions.


We offer a variety of box types, and you may also select from a list of available add-ons; you will find more information about the various options here. We pack boxes almost every week of the year for delivery on Fridays, with the exception of some holiday periods. Requests for exclusions should be made at the time of ordering. Exclusions will be added to the customer’s file and apply to all future orders unless the customer requests to have them removed or changed; changes must be made by Monday 10 am of the week of first box they will apply to.
Orders (see below) may be made at any time, but must be made by Monday 10 am for any given Friday. Late orders placed after this time will be cross-referenced against any late cancellations on Wednesday, at which time you will receive a reply indicating whether your order will be possible.

We offer three modes of ordering:

  • Casual/trial – simply email us every time you’d like a box, listing the chosen date, the type of box and any add-ons you’d also like with your order. If you’re ordering for the first time, we’ll also need an address for delivery. Please note that each casual order needs to  be paid before future orders are accepted.
  • In reply to our monthly invitation – you may add your email to our Mailchimp mailing list. Customers on the mailing list will receive an email towards the end of a month seeking orders for the following month; customers may order boxes (and add-ons) on any or all of the available dates.
  • Subscription – you may opt for an ongoing weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription. We will automatically invoice you for each month, based on the subscription pattern of the preceding month. (Please note, however, that payment in full is required for your order to carry over to the following month, and you will not receive the invoice for the following month until the current month’s invoice is paid. A $5 late fee will also be applicable if payment is received after the due date.) You may then reply to the email with your invoice requesting changes to the order as listed in the invoice (for instance, if you want to cancel dates for a holiday or revise your add-ons). This option allows as much flexibility as options a) and b), but does work best for customers with fairly consistent requirements. Terms for changing the order are spelt out in your monthly subscription invoice email. Please note that each invoice represents a one month period of your requested ongoing (i.e. infinite) subscription, and therefore unless you reply to this email that month’s order will go ahead as stated in the invoice, and you will be liable for the full cost of this order, regardless of whether you wish to receive it or not. Discontinuing is a simple matter of replying to the email (allowing at least four days working notice) to ask to cancel the month’s order and ongoing subscription.

Whichever mode of ordering you choose to use, you will receive an invoice by email that acts both as a prompt for payment and an itemised summary of your order. If your invoice does not accurately reflect what you have ordered, please reply as soon as possible with an indication of what the errors are, and we’ll rectify your order in our records (if required) and email a new, corrected invoice. The invoice acts as a binding record of the agreement of the details of the order between Backyard Bounty and the customer, and it is the responsibility of the customer to check that this is correct before payment, and let us know of any changes that are required.

Until you receive an invoice, your order is not confirmed. Most requests for orders are processed within three days, but sometimes greater delays will be experienced, especially from Tuesday-Friday each week.

Once your order is made and your invoice has been received, the order is subject to our cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation of any order must be made by email at least four working days in advance (i.e. by 10 am on Monday of the relevant week.)
  • If cancellation is not made with sufficient notice, your request for cancellation will be cross-referenced against any late orders, and you will receive a reply on Wednesday indicating whether your cancellation will be possible. (We will endeavour to honour late cancellations in case of emergency; a brief indication of why you’re cancelling may assist.)
  • If your late cancellation is not approved, no refund or credit will be provided.
  • If payment has already been made, the full value of an approved cancellation will be credited to your next order. If payment has not been made, you will receive an updated invoice for that month reflecting the change to the order.

We operate on a monthly invoice system. If you choose to order casually, each additional order within the calendar month will be added to that month’s invoice. At the end of the month, all payments you have made are required to add up to the total shown on the invoice.

Payment of your invoice in full must be received no later than the last Friday of the calendar month; reminders will be issued in the week preceding this, by email only. If payment is not made by this time an overdue notice will be issued and a an additional $5 late fee will be added to your invoice. If an overdue notice is issued your subscription will be suspended until payment – including the late fee – is received; to facilitate reinstatement of your subscription it is best to immediately forward proof of payment.  We reserve the right to take legal action to recover payments not made, including payment for orders not cancelled within the terms of our cancellation policy.

Payment in full in advance of the first order listed on your monthly invoice is preferred; we pay all growers within 7 days of receiving produce, and late payments can create issues with the cash-flow required to achieve this.

If any items in your box are not of a fit standard for consumption, please email us immediately, with accompanying photographic evidence. Backyard Bounty will either refund the value (as defined by Backyard Bounty) of spoiled items only by providing credit for future orders or offer an equivalent value replacement item in a future box; Backyard Bounty reserves the right to decide which of these two options is offered. As many items included in the boxes are highly perishable when stored incorrectly, quality disputes must be received no later than midnight on the Saturday immediately following collection or delivery. Please unpack your box as soon as practicable and store each item in optimum conditions for maintaining its freshness.


  • Please ensure delivery details are up to date at all times – changes are easy to make but must be made with adequate notice and late changes may not be able to be arranged.
  • Vegie boxes will be delivered on Fridays. Please leave the previous empty box out for collection on the day that you will receive your next delivery, without the paper lining or any other contents or rubbish.
  • We take no responsibility for the vegie box once it has been delivered to the correct address. Please nominate a safe and sheltered place for us to leave it on your premises if no-one is at home to receive the delivery.