Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 21st September

Available produce is more limited during the hunger gap that comes around each year in early spring, but thankfully our local growers keep coming through with great stuff every week – the main challenge is finding additional items to replace customer exclusions, so if we’re tending to give you the same thing each week or doubling up on existing items when working out your replacements, that’s why sorry!

Each week we try to include two or three brassicas, two or three root veg, a salad and a fruit item, things for flavour (aliums, herbs) and some leafies on the menu to keep a good balance in your boxes. This week, with Brussels sprouts now finished for the season, the brassica department features broccoli and cabbage from Harvest Moon. This week’s rooty offerings are celeriac from Elphin Grove farm, and spring carrots from Dendra Market gardens – who have also supplied leafies in the form of buk choy and silverbeet.

Spring onions and coriander open up some nice Asian flavour options for this week’s cooking, and $30 boxes include certified organic mustardy Mizuna for salads (other boxes get baby rocket from local salad giant Houston’s Farm). As well as apples, $40 boxes are lucky enough to get a good handful of lemons, from home-grower Cindy who contacted us early in the week with quite a haul of just over 20kg from her tree.

For a bit of crunch, $30 and $40 boxes include walnuts – this week’s walnuts are from Websters’, a national company with a large operation on the East coast of Tasmania (which is where this week’s walnuts come from). We usually buy walnuts from Coaldale, but a bit of a miscommunication this week meant Coaldale couldn’t supply and without many plan B options we had to go ahead with walnuts from an alternative supplier. $30 and $40 boxes this week receive Tasman potatoes from John – great for mashing, with a firm waxy texture – and $20 and $25 boxes have Maiflower potatoes from Scottsdale, which are a classic chipping potato.