All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 24th August

If you haven’t placed your orders for parsnips from Sassafras Farm this Friday please do it now! These are harvested and packed on Monday (i.e. today) for dispatch Tuesday.

This week we’ve got a few special items available. Firstly, we have bags of certified organic greens (rocket or tatsoi) from York Town Organics – please note we need orders for these today. Old School Farm have small cabbages (which are now coming to the end of the season) available for $2.4 each which would be great for grilling or other presentations that feature the cabbage whole or in large pieces.

Richmond Farm have been knocked about a bit by the weather and other issues (their kale bunches should be available again in the next week or two) but are offering flowering bok choy this week – the small yellow flowers are quite pretty and make a nice garnish but are also sweet and tasty.

We’ll have celeriac from Elphin Grove available this week – don’t forget to stock up – and we’ll also have a full range of other veg available, including great value bunched lines from Dendra Market Gardens, caulis and cos lettuce from Southern Fields, and grey pumpkin from Cressy at $1/kg uncut.