Premium Fresh – Ertler Brothers

Premium Fresh – Ertler Brothers

DSCN9684Founded almost 60 years ago by the Ertler family, Premium Fresh are one of the largest vegetable growers in Tasmania, employing 140-220 people plus contracting farmers and land to meet fluctuating demand, and are a major supplier of Coles and Woolworths. Their biggest crops are onions and carrots; their Forth facility, built on the site of the original family farm, has dedicated grading and packing facilities for both, and they send out truckloads of onions to local, national and international buyers every day.


They also grow beetroot, swede, Brussels sprouts, rhubarb and more, and have recently trialed asparagus in their off season. Premium Fresh use conventional growing techniques, but  as with all large vegetable producers their products are constantly monitored and tested to ensure they meet local and national food safety standards and requirements.