Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 16th December

This week’s box is our last for 2022, and it’s gratifying that it features so many of the growers who supply us almost year round: our long-time potato grower John, Maurice and the team at Dendra Market Gardens, Bruce and Clare at York Town Organics and Andrew and the team at Lucaston Park Orchards to name a few. It’s been a challenging year for many of our suppliers, and it’s not over yet, with what looks to be a fairly poor stone-fruit season ahead amidst an unseasonably cold and wet summer. We haven’t always been able to give you the variety we have in previous years, and for those of you who have stuck with us for the whole year, we’re hugely grateful, and grateful on behalf of the growers that you’re supporting each time you buy one of our boxes. Hopefully 2023 will deliver much better growing conditions and things can start to settle back down again!