Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 6th May

It might only be May but winter is definitely starting to bite – the good news is our winter boxes are not only full of delicious local produce, but great value too!

Swede and beetroot from Moore’s Farm Fresh will be staples throughout the colder months, as will sweet grey pumpkin from Bailey at Table Cape. Southern Fields’ cauliflower and broccoli will also be regulars, and John’s wide variety of potatoes are always a start of winter boxes – this week we’re including Kipflers – particularly great for baking whole or as wedges – and Brownells, which are a delicious waxy variety that became popular in Tasmania at a time where their resistance to blight was an important selling point. During the winter the only local fruit available is apples and pears, but luckily there are plenty of varieties to choose from – and for the moment at least there are a couple of other fruits available, like the sweet figs from Frankham Figs in this week’s medium and large boxes.