Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 26th March

This week’s fruit boxes include an old and delicious apple variety – Cox’s Orange Pippin – that is pretty hard to find these days! These tree-ripened apples come from our potato grower John, who has a few fruit trees in the “home garden” and had enough of these to share this year. (Like many fruit, including avocados, apples have a bi-yearly tendency, tending to produce a lot of fruit one year and very little the following – whilst orchardists use a variety of tricks to avoid this, generally home-growers with one or two trees just have to ride this out). John’s Russian Banana potatoes featured in $40 box are pretty similar to a kipfler but with a more yellow flesh, whilst the Russet Burbanks in $20 and $30 boxes are a classic chipper, although suitable for other applications that require a floury potato.

$30 boxes include almost everything you’d need for a batch of kimchi – crisp, fresh wombok, radish and garlic – and $40 boxes feature certified organic beetroot bunches, mild turnip bunches and baby fennel from Grown for Taste, and rhubarb from Newry Farm, Longford, which is also in $20 boxes. $30 and $25 boxes – as well as fruit boxes – include tasty Amber Jewel plums from Lucaston Park Orchard, which will be the last stone-fruit for the year as we move into peak pome (apple, pear, quince) season.