Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 19th February

This week’s box almost feels like a different season to last week’s! Fruit supplements and boxes include freshly picked certified organic Gravenstein apples from Mark & Christine Duggan – the first apples for the season and a particularly delicious variety too. Elphin Grove Farm are now harvesting their corn – as it’s only available for a couple of months of the year and so much better than anything you’ll find in a shop we tend to include a lot of it in the boxes during the season.

Due to restrictions on the use of hydroponics, certified organic growers in Tasmania tend to have a very short season for crops like eggplant and tomatoes – this week we’re lucky to have eggplant from York Town Organics, and at the same time they’re also hitting the zucchini glut which is a very welcome glut to have when you’re trying to make sure 250 customers a week get a chance to have some zucchini! Plums in the fruit box this week are from home-grower Justin – the Aussie Belle plums in the $30, $40 and $25 boxes are from Lucaston Park Orchards, who are also on the cusp of picking their new season apples.