Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 12th February

This week’s boxes feature a flood of baby salad and cooking greens, washed, picked and ready to eat or cook with! Organic baby silverbeet from York Town Organics and spinach will wilt quickly in the pan without the need for prolonged cooking and are ideal for adding to pasta dishes or just tossing with hot garlic butter and a bit of lemon – when adding them to sauces it’s often easiest to just put them on top, cover with a lid, and wait for half a minute before stirring them through when softened and more flexible.

Boxes also include salad mix from York Town and Grown for Taste, which include quite different mixes of flavoursome baby leaves which, whilst they’ll be happy with a light dressing, don’t really need this to shine as they are.

Lots of lovely fruit too this week – cucumbers and greengages both rarely feature in our boxes unfortunately but are plentiful this week, and all $30 and $40 boxes include delicious raspberries from Hillwood Berries. All $30 boxes get organic zucchini from York Town, and $20 boxes include tomatoes from Grown for Taste that really are grown for taste!