Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 4th December

This week’s boxes feature a bounty of berries – raspberries from Lucaston Park Orchard in $20 and $40 boxes, strawberries from Hillwood Berries in the $30 and $25 boxes, and if you’re a fruit lover and have opted in for the fruit supplement, you’ll also get some of Lucaston’s Granny Smiths and Hillwood’s delicious blackberries, which would make a pretty tasty pie if you were so inclined. This is the first year we’ve offered our fruit supplement in December – and we’ve already confirmed that cherries will be on offer next week so it’s looking to be a great month for fruit! The fruit supplement is an additional $10 and almost always includes fruit not already included in the boxes, and should run through until at least March; it can be added on to any box type. In January and possibly February, depending upon on how the season goes, we’ll also offer a standalone $25 fruit box which may sometimes have a little overlap with the general veggie boxes.

It’s a super healthy selection this week – in addition to loads of delicious berries, there’s a broad array of leafy green vegetables: choy sum and mustard greens from Richmond Farm, certified salad mix and baby kale (which is so young and tender you can use it as a salad green if you feel like it) from York Town Organics, and silverbeet and flat-leaf parsley from Dendra Market Gardens. Eating a rainbow of fruit and veg is a common rule of thumb for keeping it healthy, and green, red, orange, purple, white all get a look in, and a few lucky people will also get yellow capsicum from Brandsema, which is less often featured in boxes as they grow less of it.