Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 5th June

This week we’re truly crossing the threshold into winter – and the weather certainly delivered for deliveries today!

Richmond Farm have supplied parsnips and Brussels sprouts – two classic winter vegetables – and $30 and $25 boxes include swede, a deliciously mustardy flavoured but sweet root vegetable that sadly doesn’t get the love that it deserves.

This week’s potato varieties – Carlingford and Mayflower – are waxy and floury types respectively, the first perfect for a hearty potato salad, and the latter for an indulgent buttery mash. Sundowner apples get their name as they are a late-season cropper, and while pears are great for a sweet snack, they’d also be rather good paired with the fennel and wombok (and maybe even with the chilli and coriander) to make a delicious slaw.