Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 29th May

This week we’re celebrating some smaller growers:

The chillies in $30 and $40 boxes this week come from Justin, who has a quarter acre block in Glenorchy with which he maintains a pretty high level of self-sufficiency – the rocoto chilli plants were a gift that he meant to transplant into a warmer spot in the garden but the plants had other ideas, sending roots through the bottom of the pots they were in and firmly establishing a large and very fruitful bush! Justin also just happens to be our potato grower John’s cousin. The handful of feijoas in $40 boxes come from Linton, a friend of Mrs BB’s who has a quite substantial hedge of feijoas in his home garden.

The parsley in $40 boxes is from Tasmanian Kitchen Pantry – Russel and Anita have been making and selling preserves at Farm Gate Market and a range of retail outlets for quite some time, but have recently added a farm to their Campania kitchen, and will soon be opening up a farmgate stall and cafe as well onsite. $30 and $40 boxes also include Jerusalem artichokes from Down the Road Farm, a small farm run on organic principles that also do CAS vegie boxes in the north-west of Tasmania.