Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 27th March

With such a huge increase in demand this week, we’re pleased that we’ve still been able to include some special items in boxes. $20 and $30 boxes get Sapphire potatoes from John – these potatoes, as the name suggests are bluey-purple on the inside and out, and are a floury type, good for chipping, roasting and – if you’re able to come at the idea – you can even make blue mashed potato!

$40 boxes include celeriac, a vegetable relatively familiar to our regular customers but maybe not so much to our newbies – theoretically you can use the whole thing, but personally I’d suggest sticking to what’s under the knobbly skin: the crisp white flesh can be thinly sliced for a remoulade (basically coleslaw with no cabbage), or can be baked or braised, whereby it becomes soft and rich. It’s also a classic soup vegetable. It’s related to celery, but it’s not actually a “celery root” as it’s sometimes called.

This week is the last week of fruit boxes, which this week again include a few delicious passionfruit from home-grower Kerryn, along with figs from Frankham figs, organic Golden Delicious apples from the Duggans, red D’anjou pears, and strawberries from DM Jennings & Sons.