Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 14th February

It’s been a slow start to many mid-summer crops, but this week we’re finally starting to feel the season shift a bit! Last year we asked Maurice from Dendra Market Gardens to grow some celery and fennel for us – unfortunately the fennel ended up not really being a viable option, but the celery went very well (both yield and sales) and we’re pleased that it’s back for a second season this week. It’s also a treat this week to have quite early certified organic new season Gravenstein apples from Mark and Christine Duggan – unlike most of the other fruit these apples are running ahead of schedule!

Richmond Farm have supplied Mizuna and Mustard greens this week – we always jump on the opportunity to showcase some of these different leafy greens when we can get hold of them – Grown for Taste’s first harvest of lettuce features in $30 boxes, and John’s potato of the week is the Spunta, which is a waxy, elongated potato similar to a Dutch Cream.