Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 31st January

This week’s box is a bit of a celebration of some of the smaller growers we get to work with putting together your boxes of fruit and veg.

The fruit supplement includes blood plums from home-grower Monica, who was keen to not let almost 30kg of plums go to waste, but was also pretty happy to get a bit of cash in return too! Moving a step up, The Apricot Farm is a small-medium family-owned apricot orchard in Granton, growing delicious spray-free moor park apricots that taste just like backyard apricots because they more or less are.

This week we welcome on board Tasmanian Kitchen Pantry, who are getting back into growing fresh produce on family land at Campania – we’re looking forward to supporting Russ and Anita as they develop this new/old arm of their business. We also welcome back Grown for Taste who have supplied us with 350 delicious baby leeks – we’re looking forward to their delicious lettuces in coming weeks, and working with them to make some plans for what they’ll grow in the cooler months.