Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 1st November

This week marks a very exciting moment – the first eggplants the Brandsema family have been able to grow and sell since the discovery of fruit fly in the north of Tasmania and subsequent biosecurity quarantine forced them to pull out perfectly healthy plants last year. We’re really pleased to be able to include these in boxes again this season – along with all the other beautiful produce coming out of the family owned and run hydroponic hothouse in Turner’s Beach – and can’t really imagine the relief that must come from being able to concentrate on what they do best without the additional stress and financial losses of this difficult period.

We would have loved to see asparagus ready to go this week – we’re assured it will be ready in abundance next week – but we also welcome back DM Jennings Cygnet strawberries this week. It’s always a pleasure when the first of the warm-weather fruit starts to come in, and we’d definitely recommend combining it with the delicious spring rhubarb from Premium Fresh in $30 and $40 boxes – maybe even with a little bit of black pepper and balsamic vinegar!