Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 11th October

Despite George being laid up at the moment after a hernia operation, Grown for Taste are back this week with more of their beautiful produce. This week it’s baby leeks and sweet broccoletti – we’re looking forward to both of these being available a whole lot more as the growing conditions become better, and even better, a range of other delicious Grown for Taste goodies are coming up, including more of the colourful whole-lettuce varieties that we enjoyed last year.

John’s new season Lymington pink eyes are included in $30 and $40 boxes this week – these beauties usually start a bit later than the South Arm pink eyes, but are worth the wait, and we’ll be including them in boxes fairly regularly over the next couple of months. The classic preparation for this southern Tasmanian spring staple is to scrub gently, boil and serve with butter, but I suspect I’ll be combining them with Richmond Farm’s lovely coriander, probably with yoghurt, turmeric and other spices – such a tasty potato can hold its own with some punchy flavours!