Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 12th July

This week’s box features the two specialities of winter – root vegetables and brassicas! Roots are represented by potatoes (Tasman and Russet), parsnips from Sassafras, carrots from Scottsdale, beetroot from Cuprona and radish from Richmond; brassicas include cabbages and broccoli from Forth and cauliflowers from Forcett. Cooking and salad greens are not such big fans of the colder weather and become scarcer at this time in the season – Maurice’s rocket and spinach in particular have unfortunately been hit quite hard by the weather and continue to be unavailable – and whilst avocados and celery are still being picked and harvested respectively, the rest of what’s in this week’s box is the fruits of summer that are well-suited to long-term storage: pumpkin, quinoa, apples, pears, onion.