Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 14th June

This week we say goodbye to a few more fair-weather fruit and vegetables, as the sudden onset of freezing winter days makes its presence felt. The plan this week was to include one last lot of sweet Cygnet strawberries in boxes for the season, but unfortunately supply is now too unreliable to book an order in advance of the size we need to keep you lot all fed (!) – luckily Mark Duggan stepped in to fill the breach with an order of delicious Huon Pride apples. We had also planned to have cherry tomatoes from Brandsema this week, but found out on Tuesday that there weren’t enough as they had also finished picking for the season; luckily however they were able to help us out with some punnets of their super-sweet snacking tomatoes in addition to the capsicums, and Maurice from Dendra Market Gardens who also grows these tomatoes was able to make up the difference. In summary: cherry tomatoes, capsicums and strawberries are now finished for the season, and truss tomatoes from Cracknells will likely be finished by the end of June. Winter is upon us!

But winter has its own pleasures – this week there’s plenty of winter root vegetables, with $30 boxes getting a handful of premium Jerusalem artichokes from Down the Road farm, and elsewhere there’s parsnips from Sassafras Farm, baby beets and carrots from Dendra Gardens, mixed colour radish from Richmond Farm and Carlingford and Kennebec potatoes from John. $30 boxes get the last fennel from Dendra Gardens for the season, and delicious Tassie mushrooms as well!