Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 10th May

This Friday marks the first week I’ve had to put my jumper on at the start of my delivery route – and the box we’ve lined up for you this week is just about as wintery as the weather!

A seasonal treat in $30 and $40 boxes this week is a handful of chestnuts from Preolenna Forest Farm. These aren’t quite like other nuts – they should be kept in the fridge, and can’t be eaten raw, but please note that you’ll need to put a little slit in them to avoid them exploding while cooking! Roasting or boiling are both options for cooking your nuts – here’s a good link to get you started with some ideas.

We welcome back Sassafras Farms parsnips this week – all boxes include either premium or seconds parsnips (these are ones that have too many blemishes for sale at the major supermarkets, but still taste just as good!) $30 and $40 boxes also include delicious Pink Fir Apple potatoes (the undisputed King of potatoes) from potato grower John, who has also diversified into growing a small patch of swede of which the first digging is in $20 and $40 boxes.

It’s not all short days and cold nights though – Hills Hydroponics have sent down not only the regular sweet basil variety suitable for Italian dishes and a perfect complement for Brandsema’s cherry tomatoes, but a smaller order of their new Thai basil, perfect for curries and an addition to $40 boxes this week.