Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 12th April

This week’s $30 and $40 boxes feature some colourful Sapphire potatoes from our regular potato grower John. These are more of a floury potato type, so they are better suited to roasting and mashing than applications that require them to maintain a firm texture during boiling. $30 boxes also receive the same delicious mix of cipollini onions that were included in $40 boxes last week, and also some lovely sweet Broccoletti from Grown for Taste, perfect for throwing in a stir-fry with the capsicum.

We’re really pleased that Southern Fields cauliflower season has begun – these will be a regular staple in upcoming boxes – and whilst they’re a bit polarising, I know I’m also looking forward to tucking into sweet frost-kissed swede, a criminally under-rated vegetable.