Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 29th March

We always try where we can to get rarer varieties of common fruit and veg that aren’t commonly stocked in grocers and supermarkets, and this week we’ve had a particularly good run! Our last fruit supplement for the season is a ripper – David Cane has supplied us with both Comice pears (an especially complex and aromatic pear) and Howards Sun plums, and our potato grower John has offered deliciously tart home-grown Cox’s Orange Pippin apples – and we’ve thrown in a punnet of strawberries just to round it out.

Speaking of fragrant, $30 and $40 boxes feature quince from Lucaston Park Orchards – this highly perfumed fruit with a long history is best poached or stewed with some sweetening (sugar or honey), which will turn the pale flesh a rich red colour. Maurice from Dendra Market Gardens has offered us a sweet solanato-style cherry tomato this week for something different, and John’s specialty potato varieties are just starting to be ready for harvest – this week it’s Tasmans, which are relatively waxy with a pure white flesh, and are great for mashing. $40 boxes include stubby and sweet Chantenay carrots, and Richmond Farm offer Mizuna and tatsoi this week along with rocket and bok choy.