Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 21st February

This week we welcome on board Huski Greens, whose spicy microgreen mix is included in $40 boxes – and we think you’ll agree that it lives up the name! Mac and Oli started growing their indoor microgreens in Sydney before relocating to Sorell, east of Hobart, and are building up a following for their products locally at the Bathurst St Farmers Market. Their product is grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides, and even better the punnets they’re packed in are compostable!

In what continues to be a fairly challenging fruit season, this week we were unable to source any fruit other than strawberries or blueberries; which means unfortunately we had to break our usual rule of not including same fruit in the vegie box and supplement in the same week. (We’re sure you won’t mind though with delicious strawberries and blueberries in abundance! We’ve got our fingers crossed next week for some apples and pears, and hopefully raspberries, plums and maybe some slightly more exotic options may be around the corner too… For those of you with both rhubarb and strawberries, I thoroughly recommend my new go-to option with these – chop them up and steep them in sugar for at least a few hours before cooking them in the liquid that the sugar draws out, they go beautifully together and I’ve also had a bit of success adding flavours like thyme and rosewater.

$20, $30 and $40 boxes include delicious Avoland Avocados grown in the north of Tasmania. From March we’re pleased to announce that we’ve dropped the price for Avoland avocados as an optional box add on to $7.5/500g, which as far as we know matches the cheapest regular retail price around – and don’t forget you can buy whole trays from $65 (which equates to $13/kg!)