Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 25th January

This week we’re pleased to be supporting some smaller growers and bringing you some of their lovely produce – and we’re crossing our fingers that the current fire threat doesn’t impact upon any growers, particularly BB regulars like John and Tru Blu Berries in Lymington and Nicky in Maydena (all in areas now on watch and act alert).

With David and Dianne Cane having a bad season for peaches and nectarines we’ve been on the lookout to find both of these from other growers – and last week we discovered Bagdad Orchards. This week all boxes receive a handful of delicious moorpark apricots from Veronica at Bagdad, and fruit boxes also are lucky enough to have the opportunity to enjoy some delicious Bagdad peaches too! We’ll definitely continue to buy from the Canes over the season as we can, and the sweet yellow plums in this week’s fruit supplement came up from their orchard with Pops BB and Miss BB, whose treatment is going well and to stave off the boredom has been teaching Miss BB to drive, along with finishing off the packing benches at the warehouse!

Marcus leases a small patch of land near Margate for his “hobby that’s gotten out of hand” – he grows tomatoes, cucumbers, spring onions, and broad beans, and this week we’ve pretty much cleaned out his broad bean harvest (shared with the $30 boxes this week) and have a few of his lovely cucumbers for the $25 box as well (finding local cucumbers has been a bit of a challenge this season.) Fruit supplements feature jostaberries from Wolfe Brothers Berry Farm (yes, they’re related to the famous ones), an operation that has been in the family for over one hundred years!

Zucchini makes its welcome debut for the season this week from Joua & Kou at Richmond Farm, green beans from Harvest Moon are also back, and Old School Farm have supplied some lovely rhubarb for the $40 boxes.