Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 7th December

This week we welcome Tasmanian legumes to the party! Legumes have a fairly broad season depending upon varieties, but are certainly a feature of late spring (yes, it’s officially summer, but it’s really still spring, despite today’s weather…) $30 and $25 boxes include sweet podding peas from Mooreville Gardens – also our supplier of model code eggs – and $40 boxes include a handful of broad beans from our new friends at Falling Rock Produce. $20 box customers will definitely enjoy their bag of sugar snap peas (these can be eaten pod and all, raw or lightly blanched) from Grown for Taste, as no doubt $40 box customers did last week! Legumes are a wonderful addition to a crop rotation system, whether commercial or backyard, because they naturally fix nitrogen in the soil, which is one of the vital nutrients for healthy plants, and also one of the key components of organic and conventional fertilisers.

$30 and $40 boxes get a double-dose of asparagus this week – enjoy it as this may well be the last week of asparagus for the season! – and York Town Organics have sent down a bumper load of lovely spring chives for the $20 and $30 boxes. Richmond Farm have supplied some lovely Mizuna and golden beetroot for the $40 boxes, along with some colourful radishes for the $30 boxes, supplemented with more of the French Breakfast radishes from Broadfork Farm that featured in last week’s $40 boxes.