Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 5th October

This week’s box strongly features produce from the north of Tasmania – appropriate as we prepare to head up to that region this weekend to visit Dendra Market Gardens, the Brandsema family and hopefully a few other growers as well! It’s always a privilege to see what our growers do to produce the huge amount of food required not only to feed our customers but other consumers across the state and often interstate and overseas too.

Cherry tomatoes and basil are a great combination – and as it happens, Brandsema and Hills Hydroponics are actually about 10 minutes away from each other on the north coast of Tasmania! The Forth River, just west of Devonport, is surrounded by rich, fertile soils, which is where this week’s broccoli and lentils were grown; a little further to the west is Dendra Market Gardens, where Maurice grows the carrots, buk choy, silverbeet and radishes included in this week’s box, along with a range of other great produce. Back east on the Tamar River you’ll find York Town Organics, grower of the tatsoi in the $40 boxes, tucked away in some reasonably dense bushlands; follow the river south to the source and keep heading south for a bit and you’ll come to the Cressy farm where Charlie grows the pumpkin included in this week’s box, under the watchful eye and helpful hand of mum and dad.