Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 6th July

As tomato season draws to a close, we’re offering one last little summer fling with all $20, $30 and $40 boxes receiving the classic combination of tomatoes from Cracknells, basil from Hills Hydroponics and garlic from subscriber Bec from Big River Highland Beef. Bunched roots (carrots and beets) from Richmond Farm feature in all boxes this week, and this week will be the last week that butternuts from Charlie’s pumpkins are included. Sadly Charlie and family had that unexpected negative – too good a season; with literally tens of tonnes of butternuts (which have a much shorter shelf-life than other varieties) much of the fruit was unable to be sold before going to waste.

The Duggans have supplied another load of their new and delicious Huon Pride apples; super-sweet with great crunch (don’t forget to keep your apples in the fridge so they stay crunchy). $40 boxes get a turn at mushrooms this week (sourcing enough mushrooms from the Spreyton facility to include in all boxes in a given week is almost always impossible!), and three classic potato varieties share the limelight: Dutch Creams, Kennebecs and Nicolas. Celeriac returns this week; this lesser-known root vegetable makes a lovely soup (e.g. combined with the cauliflower and/or Dutch creams) or a crispy salad ingredient if used raw, especially combined with the crunch of delicious Coaldale Walnuts.