Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 29th June

This week we welcome on board Old School Farm, who have supplied the Savoy cabbages and Daikon Radish for this week’s boxes. Old School Farm, located in the grounds of the old Preston Primary school, uses sustainable growing practices, with low chemical inputs and minimal tilling of the soil.  The cumquats included in $20 boxes this week come from home-grower Liz in Margate, who we’ve sourced cumquats from for a few years now; $30 boxes also get a fruity treat in the form of feijoas from Kindred Feijoas.

Kindred Feijoas have diversified a little – this week’s wholesale customers have been lucky enough to get some of their tamarillos and kiwi fruit (both of which are actually quite suited to Tasmania’s climate), and $40 boxes also get some of John’s Jerusalem Artichokes. Dendra Gardens have supplied more of their lovely fresh Asian greens, along with lovely Dutch Cream potatoes and cherry tomatoes, and Premium Fresh’s Brussels Sprouts, this week in the $20s and $40s (so everyone gets a turn over a couple of weeks) are looking particularly nice at the moment!