Backyard Bounty buys from all types of growers, from home-gardeners with a lemon tree to some of the largest farms in Tasmania!

If you’d like to supply us, here’s what you need know:

  • our boxes go out to customers on Fridays, and we want to ensure that the produce they receive is as fresh as possible. For this reason we won’t buy produce that you’ve already picked or harvested – please instead give us an estimate of what you could supply and we’ll get back to you to let you know if we can use what you’ve got, and if so how much, and when we can take it.
  • we don’t have detailed lists of specs defining the cosmetic appearance of fruit and veg, but it definitely needs to be good quality, ripe/mature but not overripe or going to seed, and in condition that it will be usable by the end customer for a fair and reasonable period after they’ve received it. For this reason it’s definitely helpful if you can send a clear photo or photo of samples of produce when offering it for sale.
  • we’d generally prefer it if you nominate a price for what you’re selling – if the price isn’t viable we can negotiate from there. (Please remember that point of retail prices are higher than wholesale prices, and we do need to ensure that customers not only get great, Tasmanian produce but also good value for money.)
  • if you’re selling us commercial quantities of produce, please note that we will require a legal invoice for payment. Other payment options include credit towards your existing subscription order or free vegie boxes of equivalent value (please note this includes delivery fees where applicable).

Please either email (preferred) or send us a message on Facebook if you’ve got something you’d like to share with our customers – don’t forget, get in touch BEFORE harvesting, and include a photo or photos of what you’re looking to share.