Backyard Bounty is a family owned and operated business, founded in 2012 by Greg & Aimee Woodward, ably assisted by daughter Lilli. Every Thursday we source the best seasonal produce from around Tasmania, pack it into boxes, and send it straight out to hundreds of homes in southern Tasmania the following day. We also offer a small range of home-made preserves, and supply a range of local restaurants and retail outlets with fruit and veg.

Greg has always loved food and cooking, and Aimee is a keen gardener; the business started with the idea of taking home-grown fruit that often goes to waste in the peak of summer and turning it into preserves that could be sold all-year round. While continuing to work full time as a music teacher, the business began to grow, from selling a few jars to a local co-op, to a regular stall at the farmers’ market, and wholesaling products to a range of local retailers. Along the way, Greg picked up a swag of medals for the innovative products (including Tunisian Pumpkin Chutney and Gooseberry & Elderflower jam) from the local Fine Food Awards.

Gradually, it became apparent that working full time as a teacher and running the business wasn’t going to be feasible; but the market for preserves wasn’t really sufficient to provide a full-time income. In December 2013, Aimee suggested the idea of utilising some of the contacts from the local farmers’ market to start up a new arm to the business, delivering fresh Tasmanian produce with a focus on provenance to customers who couldn’t or didn’t want to go to a weekly market to shop for their weekly fruit and veg, but were disillusioned with the major supermarkets.

We floated the idea nervously on our Facebook page, and the overwhelming interest made it clear that there was a demand for the idea. In our first week we received 20 orders for the boxes (the contents were then collected from the market on Sunday morning and delivered the same day); in 2018, we do well over 200 boxes a week, with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of produce coming in from growers large and small across the state every year, and boxes now include a wide range of other local products including bread, juice, eggs and more.

In between all this activity, we still manage to find time to indulge other passions. Aimee, in addition to being a full-time Science & Maths teacher, is working towards a PhD in education. Greg, since quitting his job as a school music teacher in 2014 to run Backyard Bounty full-time, continues to work professionally as a cellist. Lilli is working towards an arts-law degree and hopes to be a humanitarian lawyer

. Whilst balancing all these roles and responsibilities is definitely challenging, it’s also very rewarding hearing the regular stories about how much customers enjoy our products, how our vegie box service transforms the way families eat and the way they see food, and the knowledge that what we’re doing is making a difference in the lives of the Tassie famers who feed us and our BB vegieboxers.