Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 9th September

This week’s boxes include the first cherry tomatoes of the season from the Brandsema family at Turners Beach. Both Cracknell Tomatoes and J&A Brandsema grow using hydroponics in a heated glasshouse (or hothouse), which enables a longer growing season – usually Cracknells finish late and Brandsema start early, but this year we haven’t had any gap in supply of tomatoes at all due to late plantings at Cracknells. Hydroponics is a system whereby instead of adding nutrients to the soil, the plant grows roots in a substrate and the nutrients are pumped to the roots directly in a water solution. This considerably reduces the amount of feed input being wasted, and eliminates the risk of nitrogen run-off, as well as being much more water efficient; in addition, growing plants indoors allows more control over potential pests and plant diseases.