Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 28th May

This week’s boxes see the return of delicious walnuts from Coaldale Walnuts! The Franquette and Chandler varieties that Phil and Jane chose when they planted their Coal Valley orchard back in 1997 have less of the  bitterness that can sometimes be very prevalent in more common varieties, and they are processed with a high level of quality control on their own farm, meaning that these are some of the most delicious walnuts you’ll ever taste. Phil and Jane are committed to sustainable farming practices too, with a focus on soil health using organic fertilisers and returning prunings and nut shells to the earth, and sheep keep the grass clipped short between the rows of trees ensuring no need for chemical week killers. We’re doing our bit too to keep these ethical choices going – we only supply Coaldale Walnuts in their natural packaging (the shell!) so no extra waste! If you’re enjoying this week’s nuts and want to order more, you’re welcome to order them as an add-on to your box for $6.5/500g, or if you like we can arrange a sweet deal on a 10kg bag!

As one door opens another closes… this is the last week Avoland avocados will be available as an add-on for the season, and it’s also the last week we’ll be able to include iceberg lettuce as the winter sun doesn’t give enough energy to form their large and dense heads. This will almost certainly be the last time we see capsicums for a few months too, and tomatoes are almost finished for the season too.