Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 14th May

We’ve included kohlrabi from Grown for Taste earlier this year – the cabbage relative with the spaceship-like appearance has a crunchy, sweet and delicious interior, but can also be cooked to yield something similar to broccoli stem. This week’s have been harvested a little smaller – as the winter comes in they probably won’t reach the same size as the autumn harvest. However, they’ve also got some bonus content: the leaves! While the stems (technically the bulbous part is actually stem too, but moving on…) are a bit tough and not great eats, the leaves are similar to kale and can be enjoyed in similar ways.

We’ve included berries from Hillwood Berries in all of this week’s boxes – whilst growing under cover in tunnels extends their season, this will definitely be the last week we’ll see these til late spring, so enjoy it while you can! The packaging Hillwood Berries use for their berries is supplied by Driscolls (who take the vast majority of their berries for distribution); this week’s label is a bit different to the usual generic Driscolls label but please rest assured that just like everything else in your box these are definitely Tassie berries.