Backyard Bounty all-Tasmanian Vegie box: 30th April

One of the harbingers of winter in Tasmania is the first grey pumpkins for the season – this week we welcome on board Bailey Farm from Table Cape, almost certainly the northernmost grower we’ve ever bought from! Coriander, whilst often used in Asian dishes, is a herb that is happiest in the shoulder seasons – i.e. autumn and spring – and this week’s coriander from Dendra Market Gardens will certainly make a nice foil for the pumpkin, cauliflower or kipfler potatoes in a rich, hearty curry.

While the Dutch carrots include in this week’s budget boxes are available all year round, the larger loose carrots – this week’s from Moore’s Farm Fresh – are only grown in Tasmania in summer and autumn, tending to bolt to seed at other times of year. As we move into winter we’ll generally include swede and beetroot in boxes more often, which do grow all year round but are at their best in the colder months, both in terms of flavour and in how they suit the hearty types of food we like to eat when the weather gets chilly.