All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 12th March

This week we should have wombok available from Dendra Market Gardens – these are big beasties and perfect for kimchi! We’re also ordering with Southern Fields this week, so big cos, cos hearts and iceberg are all available. Last week’s consignment of avos had a better range of sizes, so there’s plenty of both large and small available, and some medium size too.

We’ll be ordering with Hillwood berries this week so raspberries and blackberries are available, and it’s also the first pears of the season from O&E Hansen this week – these will almost certainly be Packhams, I’m awaiting a confirmed price for the season but if it’s gone up from the price on the list it shouldn’t be by much.

We also have Kevin’s field-grown sauce tomatoes again this week, in case you missed out last week, and Richmond Farm have a great range of leafy greens this week – kale, red chard, mustard greens, and mizuna!