All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 27th February

After a bit of a wait due to the unusual weather, this week we’re pleased to finally have Tasmanian sweet corn from Elphin Grove available! We’ll also have Matt’s celeriac – both these lines will be available every week for the duration of the corn season, which may or may not be slightly shorter this year due to the late start. If you’re interested in Matt’s popping corn please let me know and I may be able to arrange bulk quantities.

We’ll have fresh stock of garlic coming in this week from the Tasmanian Garlic Company this week – we’ll keep some of this in stock from now until it starts to shoot in winter.

Grown for Taste have baby leek bunches available this week; also Lucaston Park have new season Akane apples and plums (I think the variety is Aussiebelle).

Large avocados are out of stock (generally we get about 20-25kg of this size from 200kg mixed fruit), but medium and small sizes are available – this week’s won’t be fully ripe but will ripen up reasonably quickly as they were picked a couple of weeks ago.

Please order Premium Fresh lines before 2 pm (or earlier preferably). As a general rule orders after midday Tuesday are a gamble, but our Premium Fresh orders are freighted down first thing Tuesday morning and are packed for collection on Mondays.

WHOLESALE OFFERS – 27th February