All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 6th February

This week we have a few specialty items available:

  • tarragon bunches from Tas Kitchen Pantry (this is a mix of French/Mexican tarragon, not Russian, so big flavour)
  • Chantenay carrots from Premium Fresh are back
  • baby leeks from Grown for Taste are still available

John has a huge range of potatoes – about 32 – planted this year, if there’s a particular variety you’re looking for let me know and there’s a good chance he’ll have it or something similar.

We should have cherries for a few more weeks, and may be able to get some apricots and Victoria plums (variety, not provenance!) this week if required – please let me know. At this stage I’m not sure if we’ll be able to get peaches and nectarines but fingers crossed.

Next week celery should be available, and also probably corn and celeriac. Wombok will be a little later.

Large avos are sold out currently – we have limited amounts of medium size (180-220g) and plenty of smalls.