All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 12th December

This week we’ll have cherries from Cherries Tasmania available as 5kg boxes or as 1kg lots – these will be a standard eating variety but next week we’re hoping to have white vega cherries available also. If you have a specific size grade etc you want please let me know, the prices listed are for a fairly standard medium size cherry, I’ll have to advise on prices if you’d like a different grade.

We’re hoping to be able to get some raspberries from Lucaston Park too, but this will be somewhat weather dependent.

Grown for Taste have some fioretto available again this week, and also some lovely kohlrabi (about 200-300g each). Anakai lettuce is also available but broccoletti won’t be available this week unfortunately.

John is now digging new season kennebecs and nicolas, along with pink eyes – King Edwards may be available before Christmas. Next week we’re also hoping to have fresh podding peas from Mooreville Gardens.

If you’d like any Premium Fresh lines, please note that these must be ordered AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Due to a change with the freight supplier they use we’re needing to have our orders dispatched first thing Tuesday morning, so any orders placed after COB today probably won’t be possible to fill.

WHOLESALE OFFERS – 12th December