All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 5th December

This week we’ve got a bit of a flood of special things!

Grown for Taste have some fioretto available this week – this is a sort of cross between broccoletti and cauliflower, deliciously sweet and pretty too. This will come as a whole head – just cut off the sprouts. Anakai lettuce and broccoletti are also available.

Richmond Farm have golden beetroot bunches available this week – the roots are lovely but the leaves are actually really good too – and also red salad onion bunches.

We’ve been invited to drop around and pick some citrus from a local home – we haven’t picked yet but we’re expecting some lemons, limes, grapefruit and believe it or not probably even some oranges (which based on a couple we got last week are a bit smaller than what you’d find commercially, but actually have plenty of flavour and sweetness). We’ll know more later, but if you would like any of the above please order early as supply will almost certainly not meet demand.

Sadly, cherries won’t quite be ready this week – but next week they should be ready, along with raspberries too! We may even be able to get some white cherries if anyone is interested in those.

We’ll be ordering with Hills this week – so it’s a good time to stock up on herbs – and Brandsema, Dendra Gardens and Premium Fresh lines are all available too.