All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 28th November

This week we’re ordering garlic with the Tasmanian Garlic Company (an off-shoot of Old School Farm) – we won’t order this every week and whilst it’s still fresh, not cured, it will keep well in the fridge for a few weeks. When cured garlic is available we’ll hold some stock in store most of the time over the season.

Grown for Taste have had a flush of purple broccoletti; there will also be green available, but unless you specify otherwise I’ll supply purple broccoli (same price either way). Lettuce this week is Anakai; Dendra Gardens also have cos twin packs and some mesclun available.

Premium Fresh’s broccoli has started this week – supply may be limited, especially of a-grade, so get in quick if you’d like some. Rhubarb also tends to get snapped up quicker than they can pick it, so please don’t delay in ordering this.

Last I asked Brandsema to send me down a sample of their seconds capsicums (see photo) – these are generally a bit misshapen or rubbed, but are perfectly good, especially for cooking, and importantly are cheaper ($20 vs $30 per 5kg carton). Supply is limited and they may not be available each week, so if ordering these please specify if you’d like a box of the premium capsicum instead if they’re unavailable, otherwise I’ll just remove them from your order without replacement and let you know if they’re not available.

Next week we may have some fioretto from Grown for Taste available; baby leeks are now finished for the time being.

WHOLESALE OFFERS – 28th November