All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 21st November

After an unfortunate start to the season for the Cracknell family – their first consignment of tomato plants were fumigated by mistake and arrived dead – they have now started picking their truss tomatoes, which are available this week. In addition, Matt has also put in basil and coriander, which will make basil a bit more regularly available for order – price on tomatoes is linked to the market, but herbs will be at a fixed price – $3.9 ea or $35 for ten, bunches should be around 80g.

Brandsema have started picking red and yellow capsicum in full volume now – along with eggplant, cherry tomatoes and the larger vine ripened tomatoes – so we can finally offer these more reliably.

Unfortunately Premium Fresh are still not quite ready on broccoli yet due to the weather – it also looks like there may be a price rise on asparagus as the mainland market goes up, I’ll confirm this when I can, but it shouldn’t be a huge increase.

Grown for Taste have Seurat lettuce available this week, along with broccoletti but no leeks unfortunately; Richmond Farm have bunched beets.

WHOLESALE OFFERS – 21st November