All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 7th November

We’ve had a minor unexpected issue this morning – it’s actually a public holiday in the north of Tasmania, hence the attached list is somewhat speculative. We’ll do our best to get updated info (esp in relation to unspecified prices) as soon as possible, but getting orders sorted out tomorrow morning will need to be a rapid process, so please put orders in today and I’ll let you know tomorrow if anything isn’t available or is wildly out of price norms.

We’re pretty confident asparagus from Premium Fresh is ready to go this week (harvest started last week but too late for us to get it to customers). Eggplant from Brandsema should be available, and it’s possible that we may be able to get some capsicums and vine ripened tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes shouldn’t be an issue at all.

We’ll be ordering with York Town Organics this week, and Grown for Taste should have plenty of broccoletti available each week and from next week we should have their lettuce varieties available too.

Richmond Farm have coriander and dill available, as well as snow peas, fennel and tatsoi.

Please note – strawberries are not available until Friday. Collection on Friday from our address is New Town is the preferred option, but delivery can be arranged – please note though that this will incur a delivery fee.