All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 17th October

Next week we’ll be taking a week off to avoid the issues created by a midweek public holiday… but we’ve done our best to make sure that there’s plenty of local goodies to stock up on for the fortnight!

We’ll be ordering with Premium Fresh, Brandsema, Hills Hydroponics, Southern Fields and York Town Organics, so loose roots, tomatoes cauli, lettuce, rhubarb, herbs and baby leaves are all available, and we do have one box each of vine ripened tomatoes and red capsicums from Brandsema availalable – get in quick or miss out! (Supply should be better come November when more plants are fruiting.)

Grown for Taste have broccoletti and baby leeks available again this week, and freshly dug new season pink eyes from John are also available – the price has gone up at the moment due to scarcity, and I’ve also dropped the standard box size from 20 to 15kg as this is what John is generally packing them as at the moment.

Richmond Farm have fennel and snow peas available this week, and we do have limited supply of pumpkin and brown onion; we’ll have more onion and 10kg potato bags after the break, but we won’t be planning to order more pumpkin at this stage as the warmer weather means they don’t keep anywhere near as well.