All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 3rd October

As we come into the warmer months, some of our smaller growers who tend to be more dormant over winter come back online. York Town Organics are back this week – I haven’t been able to confirm yet what’s definitely available except for mizuna; if you’d like anything off the list please let me know and if it’s not available I’ll let you know. Grown for Taste should also be starting up again in a couple of weeks with plenty of broccoletti and baby leeks, with mixed whole lettuce varieties and kohlrabi coming up a bit later.

Purple sprouting broccoli from Richmond Farm is still available this week (not sure exactly how much longer this will be available for), and they also have fennel, mixed colour radish and snow peas available this week.

We’ll be ordering celeriac from Elphin Grove this week – this will be cool-stored so no tops – and this may be our last order of pumpkin as the change in the weather is meaning they don’t keep as well.