All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 12th September

This week will be the last week we’ll have freshly dug celeriac from Elphin Grove Farm – we’ll hold orders for this open today and tomorrow. Matt is planning to cool-store some after the final harvest for a time; they do store well (although the tops are best removed for this), but it may be easier to just order up big this week and then cool store yourself! We won’t order these in for the boxes after this week, so if we do get any down it will be less frequently – please factor this into your order also.

Brandsema cherry tomatoes are on the menu again this week – please put orders in for these TODAY, they’ll be trucking down on Tuesday.

Richmond Farm have some early snow peas available this week – $20/kg. We’re also planning to order pea shoots from Pegasus sprouts for boxes next week – 130g punnets are $3.5 each, if you’d like any please let me know this week as these are grown to order.

This *may* be the last week for Brussels sprouts from Premium Fresh – if not, next week definitely will be. We’ll order from PF both this week and next (rhubarb should be available next week) but don’t rely on sprouts being available next week. Estimate on asparagus starting is November. We’ll be aiming for our Premium Fresh order to come down on Tuesday too, so please, orders in today.

A general note on ordering (which I’ve added to the wholesale list headings) – if you’re ordering from the small order section, please get orders in on Monday (the earlier the better!). The small order items need to be cross-referenced against the vegie boxes to make them available: customers can opt out of particular items which then need to be swapped for others, and I can adjust these subs to free up small quantities of available lines in some circumstances, but once I’ve worked all this out and placed orders it can be very difficult to unpick this, especially at this time of the year when I don’t have a heap of options open to me. The bulk order section is a bit more flexible as they’re generally in the quantities that the grower supplies the line in, and thus it’s just a matter of asking whether they can add an extra whatever it might be.

WHOLESALE OFFERS – 12th September