All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 5th September

This week we’re excited to be able to have Brandsema cherry tomatoes from Turner’s Beach on the north coast of Tasmania back on the menu! These can be purchased either as 250g retail packs (trays of 16) or as 2kg boxes of loose tomatoes; at the moment only the regular cherry tomatoes are available, but we’re expecting the sweet solanato-style angel cherry tomatoes to be available too in a couple of weeks. Due to the resolution of the fruit-fly crisis from last year, the Brandsema family have been able to put in eggplant as well this year – these, along with chillies (yes!) and capsicum will be available in a few months. Please order Brandsema lines on Monday.

We received our last delivery of heirloom pumpkins from The Old Farm last week – we’ll be aiming to use these all this week but we’ll probably have some spare if you’d like to get any before they’re done. Moore’s grey pumpkins will also be available.

Grown for Taste’s amazing baby leeks are also available this week, although supply at this stage is limited and they were very popular last time – the message is get in quick!

Premium Fresh’s Brussels sprout season is almost finished – we’re planning to order next week and it will probably be the last week we’re able to – but good news: rhubarb should be available in a couple of weeks! Asparagus will be a little further away; along with broccoli they’ll start harvesting in November. We expect to have some supply of asparagus from Newry Farm in October – this is organically grown but is also slightly more expensive, and isn’t graded for size. From November we should be able to source from both suppliers.

WHOLESALE OFFERS – 5th September