All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 9th August

This week is the last week we’ll have avocados – all mediums are gone, but we do have some smalls and larges trays left. If you have been buying Avoland avocados from us this season (or if you were buying them and aren’t any more) we’d love some feedback on how this is working out for you and if there are things that would make this work better for you. We expect that next year Paul and Maria will have successfully sold their farm, and with new owners coming in it’s a great time to reconsider how best to manage wholesaling this rather special Tassie product!

We’ll have new stock of The Old Farm’s Queensland Blue and Bohemian pumpkin varieties coming in this week, along with Moore’s grey pumpkins. We’ll also have cauliflower, onion, some kennebec and Dutch cream potatoes, plus the usual range from Dendra Market Gardens.

This week we’re ordering pears from Hansens in Nubeena (this will be the last chance to get pears until the 29th) – please note that these MUST be ordered today, the earlier the better, as they’ll be packed today for the trip up to town tomorrow morning.

We’ll also have parsnips and celeriac coming in this week – celeriac is less urgent, but if you want parsnips and you didn’t pre-order last week please let me know NOW and I may be able to sort this for you.

We’re also planning on ordering with Hills Hydroponics – at this stage it doesn’t look like they’ll have basil, but if you do want some let me know and I can always ask!