All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 25th July

This week we’ll be ordering with Premium Fresh – this means cheap loose root veg (beetroot, swede, turnip), shallots and Brussels sprouts are all available. Unfortunately rhubarb is currently unavailable due to the cold weather. We’ll also be ordering with Southern Fields and Dendra Market Gardens – Dendra still have great produce available but the range is now starting to contract a little with the cold weather (wombok is now finished for the season) and rocket and spinach are still unavailable unfortunately. Celery and spring onion aren’t available this week but this should just be a temporary gap for the moment.

This week is also OE Hansen pears – if you want these order them immediately as they need to be packed for dispatch first thing tomorrow.

We’ll have a bin of avocados coming down this week from Avoland which will probably be the last for the season – these generally last us for two or three weeks but when they run out, they run out… please note, this will mean that any avos supplied this week will be unripe.

A few special items on the list this week – we have some limited stock of Red Foo and Sapphire potatoes from John, Richmond Farm have golden baby beets, purple radish and fennel. We’ve got new stock of walnuts coming in too, so there will be plenty to go around if needed.

Looking forward into next month, we’ll probably be ordering parsnips in the second week and also doing at least one order of celeriac – order these when advertised as they’re not a weekly thing. Pumpkin (both the grey and heirloom varieties) should be available again from next week.

With the range of fresh produce declining as we head into the hunger gap, we often supplement with Tasmanian grown dry goods – particularly the certified organic grains from Kindred Organics. We generally stock some of their quinoa, but we’ll probably get in spelt berries, buckwheat kernels and we’re also anticipating getting in some of their hemp seed too, a new line for them. Most of these are also available as flours. Oats are also something we regularly get in from Kindred, rolled but we can also get unrolled oats too. Pricing for these is competitive, especially if you’re happy to order them 20kg at a time! If you’re interested in any of these please let me know this week as the plan is to get them down in time for August.