All-Tasmanian wholesale offers – 18th July

I’m getting this list out a bit early this week to facilitate a trip away this weekend… so please note that the list here will be mostly accurate, but is subject to change on Monday afternoon.

Celeriac is confirmed for next week – as always we’ll order this every few weeks so get in this week if you want any, it will keep well for quite some time in cool-storage. We’ll have John’s full range of potatoes and swede available this week too – please get orders in on Monday at the latest for this. We’re ordering red foos, sapphires and pink fir apple for our boxes this fortnight but if there are other potato varieties you’re after let us know, he’s got a rainbow of types available at the moment.

Hills Hydroponics should have plenty of basil, rosemary and coriander available – other herbs may have limited availability, but I’ll do what I can. We don’t order from Hills every week so get the basil especially this week when it’s available.

Dutch Cream and kennebec bags are both available ($12/10kg), as are brown onions, and grey pumpkin – we’ve also got plenty of fresh stock of both bohemian and Queensland blue pumpkins from Port Arthur.

If you haven’t pre-ordered Jerusalem Artichokes from Down the Road Farm please do so as soon as possible – $42/5kg.